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Destiny's Mission


As a single woman without the safety net of the Army, Destiny Osgood struggles with life as a civilian, and an amputee Just as she begins to get her bearings, sister Angela challenges Destiny to take-on her estranged mother who is ravaged by Alzheimer's. Little does Destiny know this will prove to be the most difficult mission of her life. Torn between her core beliefs of duty and honor, she battles resentment toward her mother after being abandoned at ten years old. A choice must be made. Will she master the challenge and discover forgiveness or find justification for vengeance?


A new normal—the term the Office of Personnel Management used when Destiny had processed out of the Army after serving her country for twelve years. Stone-faced, she stared at the officer as he handed her the DD-214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty. Destiny slipped the paper into her rucksack and then stared out into the abyss. What was normal, anyhow? What did he know? All his chest candy didn’t mean a damn thing. As a lifer with two good arms and hands, he hadn’t a clue about her normal. After twelve years of service, she received eight hours of propaganda about VA benefits, a “thanks for your service,” and then sent on her way. Come on. How about some guidance on how to survive out there with one arm? She felt neither happy nor sad. Strange was a better description. She’d been military her whole life; first as a military brat, a year at USMAPS (United States Military Academy Preparatory School), a four-year West Point grad with a major in International Affairs, then finally a soldier and an officer in the United States Army. Her career had been a long haul, but thanks Joanne Simon Tailele 2 to her colonel father and Senator Morgan from North Carolina, she’d made it. Who was she as a civilian? Once off the base and out of her uniform, Destiny felt like she’d been transported to a new planet. She ate alone, shopped alone, lived alone. The server at the local diner always greeted her with a smile and a “table for one?” Some days, Destiny wanted to slap the smile right off the server’s face and say, “No, a party of five.” But there was no party of five. Instead, Destiny nodded and followed the server to the small single table back by the kitchen. Who wanted to watch an amputee eat alone?